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The Corner House




You've got a fantastic selection of draught, cask and bottled beers as well as some unusual ciders. Maybe a chance to branch out into fruit based booze. In addition to this they play some sweet tunes on a real life, old fashioned, record player. Expect some Motown classics and rock 'n roll.

A great place to eat on the crawl as you can give them a call and arrange to have the food waiting for you. I recommend the Black pudding Scotch egg.


Turn left out of the pub, up the hill and cross the road at the statue of the Irish Guard. Head all the way along to the end of Park Street.

A pub sign in Windsor

Continuing the beer nerd tour of Windsor you're now in one of the town's finest. In fact I'd go as far as saying this is one of my favourite pubs in Windsor now.

The Corner House Windsor

The Two Brewers

A pub sign in Windsor
The Two Brewers Windsor



My favourite part of this pub is the sign on the door banning kids, but allowing dogs inside. Reminds me of a distant childhood sat outside in the drizzle with a bottle of coke and a pack of crisps.


Head back down Park Street and follow the castle wall round to the right up the hill then turn down Church Lane.

This is probably the publiest pub I've ever been in.

It's almost a caricature of a boozer and is exactly what Japanese & American tourists have been looking for their whole trip.

Queen Charlotte




It's also got a selection of six cask ales to choose from and its own gin; like a high functioning alcoholic.


Save yourself for the very pretty toilets upstairs.


Turn left out of the pub door, stumble a little and look up. You're there.

A pub sign in Windsor
Queen Charlotte Windsor

This pub - named for the shortest street in Britain just round the corner - is elegant. Very smart looking, dressed as if it's got an interview or a court appearance.

The Prince Harry

A pub in Windsor

Tel : 01753 861 615


Luckily inside it feels like a local you've been coming to for years.


Standard beers on offer - so lets see how your earlier tactical beer choices have panned out.


Turn right out of the door, it's there - right there - almost bang next door.

In a marketing triumph only seen once before in the world of Berkshire pubs (See the Duchess of Cambridge later) the Three tuns becomes the Prince Harry. In a stroke of luck this happened just before his wedding in the castle.

A pub sign in Windsor

The Carpenters Arms

The Carpenters Arms Windsor

You've just wandered into CAMRA central - beards are

almost mandatory, and not the hipster nicely trimmed ones.

I'm talking about beards with bits of crisps festering in them.


They have a great selection of beers in here and the bar staff really know their stuff too. Tell them what you like, what you don't like and what you've had before and they'll either pull something special out of the hat or - if you're slurring - they'll give you whatever's nearest.


Dowstairs at the back there's a cave that may be used as a small prison. No explanation as to why.


Turn right again and head to the end of the alley. You're there.

A pub sign in Windsor

The Horse & Groom

The Duchess of Cambridge

A pub sign in Windsor
The Horse and Groom Windsor




They've also got a table downstairs with a bar stool that is a saddle. Again no explanation given, sometimes you just have to accept that not all chairs will be furniture.


Come out, aim yourself at Queen Victoria and head across the road - careful it's busy, there are crossings you really should use - the pub is down the hill on the left opposite the castle clock tower.

This is a little fella, how big's your group? There's not a lot of room inside. But I'll tell you a secret; upstairs is a dining room with a great view of the castle. If it's packed, ask nicely and they might let you upstairs.



How you feeling - can you take your drink? Are you acting

a bit lairy or loud. You'd better turn it down a notch and act civilised until they open the door for you. Once you're inside of course...


This was renamed the Duchess of Cambridge for the royal wedding and I can't help thinking that if there's a revolution between now and you going in this pub you could be having half in the Tony Benn Arms. That said McMullen & Sons' commercial acumen means there are plenty of beers on offer and a terrace out back to get some 'fresh air'.


It's the final countdown. Turn left and go down the hill to your ultimate destination.

A pub sign in Windsor
Duchess of Cambridge Windsor

The King & Castle

A pub sign in Windsor
The King and Castle Windsor

Get inside here my friend and you're golden. A huge behemoth of a Wetherspoon's pub set out over about 16 floors but once you're in, you're in - lost in the crowd.


Plenty of choice on offer at the bar and it doesn't close until late - so if you've been dragging a slow coach around all day you should still make it in here before they close.


Well done on completing the Windsor Gallon. Hope you had fun.

Drop me a line and let me know how it went - if you've any photos I'd love to see them and maybe share with the world.




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