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The Windsor Beer Mile

Explore the new and exciting craft beer scene in Windsor with the Windsor Beer Mile. This pub crawl takes you on a journey to three fantastic breweries, including Windsor & Eton brewery, Indie Rabble, and Two Flints. Take the opportunity to sample their unique and delicious beers, and ending up close enough to town you can get a kebab and train back in towards London.

Windsor & Eton Brewery

First up is Windsor & Eton Brewery where you can enjoy a pint of their rich, flavourful beers. A  traditional brewery has been a staple in this town since 2010. The Unit 4 tap room is one of Windsor's most popular destinations. With its bright and spacious interior, it's the perfect place to gather with friends and enjoy some of their award-winning beers and commence your trek down the mile.

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Indie rabble brewery

Indie Rabble Brewery

Buzzing with the energy of a new kid on the block, Indie Rabble beckons, your second stop on the Windsor Beer Mile.  Owned by the same friendly folks from the award winning A Hoppy Place. Bright and funky interior, creating a cool industrial charm that hums with chatter. Head brewer Alex, ex-Windsor & Eton, pours you a taste of their latest creation, a hazy IPA, as you settle into a communal table. Cheers erupt around you, live music filters in on weekends, and the passion of brewing vibrates in the air. 

Two Flints Brewery

Your Windsor Beer Mile journey finishes at Two Flints, a microbrewery tucked under Windsor Central station. The aroma of fresh brews hangs heavy, mingling with the murmur of conversation. Glance upwards to the mezzanine, a cozy perch showcasing the gleaming brewkit where magic happens. Friendly bar staff guide you through their ever-rotating selection, where they specialise in hoppy pale ales . Settle by the window, Windsor Castle a regal backdrop as you savor a unique hazy IPA or crisp lager. Laughter spills from a nearby food truck, tempting your taste buds further. Enjoy phenomenal beers before strolling into town to finish your day off.

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