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Alternative pubs

Sometimes things don't go to plan; pubs are shut or being refurbished - I've been in two places that have caught fire while I was in them! On the other hand you might look at the list and not fancy one of the pubs, or maybe the bouncers see you coming.


Or just maybe you think a gallon isn't enough to get your buzz on and need to slip another pub or four into the crawl.


Don't worry - I've got your back. Here's a list of alternative / additional pubs for you to try and there's a map below:

Windsor & Eton Brewery - Where the beer comes from. A great tap bar in the shadows of the fermentation tanks. Worth a visit all on its own anyway.

It's also home to Windsor & Eton's very own homebrew club WEHomebrew



The Watermans Arms - Eton, has it's own Library. Part of the Windsor & Eton Ale Trail.


Harte & Garter Hotel - Hotel bar, Shakespeare wrote The Merry Wives of Windsor here


The Acre - Recommended by @GuildhallIsland, a hidden gem in that long slog up to the Corner house. The best place in Windsor to watch sky sports - they have a massive screen.


The Windlesora - A second Wetherspoons pub and in the Good pub guide!


Charley's Horse - A Mexican restaurant with a good bar. There are a lot of late night bars next door to here


The Firestation Arts centre - A lot going on here, comedy and vegetarian food probably


The Windsor Trooper - Good solid boozer


The Windsor Castle - Not the castle, but you can look out over the long walk

A pint of beer
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