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The Royal Windsor

Tel : 01753 865 179

Wowser - we have a brand new entry at number 1.


What was the Royal Oak has transformed, like a drunk butterfly, into the Royal Windsor. Directly across the road from Windsor & Eton Riverside railway station you get your first taste of the Royal Gallon.


The perfect pub to start as being opposite the station they're used to people nipping in for a swiftly then running back across the street only to find their train's gone leaving them with nothing to do but mooch sheepishly back into the bar.

This pub has one of the best views of the castle in Windsor. Go out into the newly decked garden at the back and bask in the magnificence of your monarch's house.


Leave the pub, go across the road past the station turn down Riverside walk. At the end you get to the next newcomer.

A pub sign in Windsor
The Royal Windsor

The Boatman

The Boatman Windsor



This is the drinking hole of the rich and famous, they all come here let me tell you. I once saw David Seaman in here. Yeah, really. The bar inside is great but if the weather is nice the the outside tables are chocka in the sun.


Sup up then walk along the river and over the bridge. Number 3 is right in front of you.

The only pub in Windsor that's actually and properly on the river. If you like ducks watching you drink this is the place for you.

A pub sign in Windsor

The George inn

A pub sign in Windsor

Well for all my talk about this being a Windsor pub crawl we're now over the water in Eton - or South Slough as it's also known.

The George inn is owned by the Windsor & Eton brewery and so is a great pub to stretch out and try a beer you might not see later in the crawl. There's often limited edition brews or guest ales so go on, be adventurous.


After you've downed your local brew turn left out of the pub and walk about 100 yards up the High Street on the same side of the road.

The George inn Eton

Crown & Cushion

A pub sign in Windsor

Oh I like this pub, a big screen TV for the footy and a jukebox, full of neon signs and full on Americana.

It's got it all. It's also a supplied by a different - almost local - brewery from Marlow.


A nice bright interior with hidden rooms off the main part and a small beer garden outside, which is beautifully looked after and lit, for the one day the sun comes out. Smashing.


Step out and walk back to the bridge past the George. Cross back into Windsor and turn right along the river bank. Keep going, go on go on - past the swan food shop - past Browns on the other side of the road and follow it round towards the railway arches. Go into the coach park on your right, thrugh the touristy tat shops and up the stairs of the big green tower. This leads you to the platform of the other railway station. The other side of that massive green steam engine is your next beer.



The Crown and cusion Eton

All Bar One

All Bar One Windsor

Tel : 01753 857 570

Now I know what you're thinking, this is supposed to be a pub crawl and you're taking me to a posh bar, but there's something I want to show you. Had you nipped in here over a century ago you might have caught Queen Vic warming her tootsies in front of the fire while she waited for the 10:27 to "You'll go exactly where you're told to go to". This was her personal waiting room in her own personal station for her own personal train.


Now it's a town centre bar where they might have some odd lagers on tap - worth scouting the bar out to see. It's also got a great outside / inside vibe going on outside the bar, inside the station.


It's a couple of hundred meters through the shopping and shoppers now, you've had a couple so it's fine to feel a little superior. Head towards Carluccio's, down the steps (There's a travel lodge on your right here - good place to stay over and you can drop your stuff off now) and follow the shops until you get to Next. Turn left here and then right at the bottom and follow Peascod street for about 100 yards. Look out on your left for your next stop.

A pub sign in Windsor

The Piper Art Bar

Another welcome change to the Gallon. This pub has been

through three iterations recently. It was a bewildering bar

filled with gigantic scary paintings, then the Junction but it's now settled into itself as a Scottish bar.

Nicely fitted out with a huge selection - over 160 - of whiskeys and gins. But remember, you're only here for the beer. Unless you're some sort of raging dipsomaniac, which given what you're doing is not unlikely.

Stumble about 7 yards down Peascod street for your next one.

The Piper art bar Windsor
A pub sign in Windsor

The Queen Victoria

A pub sign in Windsor
The Criterion Windsor

The Criterion is gone, but not forgotten, and in its place is the Queen Victoria. Like the Piper Art Bar before it this is a definite upgrade.

It's a very welcoming pub that promises the best Guinness in Windsor. The blazing log fire, books and games are fantastic for a winter's night tucked inside here but you don't have time for that. Get stuck into one of the variety of beers from numerous breweries. This pub along with your previous pub, the Horse & Groom ( to come later) and The Waterman's arms (Eton) forms the Windsor & Eton Ale trail.

Follow Peascod street across the road and look out just on the left hand side for a new entry on the gallon.

A Hoppy place

A pub sign in Windsor

This is hugely welcome addition to the Windsor beer scene and a chance to try out the weirdest beer you can find. If it's not a 15% rhubarb kettle sour laced with basil you're not putting your heart into this..

The other fantastic thing about this place is they will fill and seal a can of any of the draught beers you really like so you can take an additional walking beer with you on the long hike to your next drink.

So turn right out of the door back to the road and turn right along Victoria street past the statue of the Queen and her corgis and to the corner where you'll find the other beer nerd pub in Windsor.

A pub sign in Windsor
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