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The rules of the gallon

As they say time & tide wait for no man. Pubs come and go and so it's time for a refresh - the new improved Mk II Royal Gallon. On the whole it's the same. A couple of pubs have been relegated and some newcomers have won their way onto the crawl. On top of that some nifty marketing by landlords has meant the same pubs now have different names. So hold on and lets go on the shiny polished up version 2 of the Royal Gallon.

For close to a thousand years people have made a home in Windsor, and you can bet a pound to a penny that for much of that time they've been enjoying a beer or three. This boozy history has endowed the pretty Thameside town with a huge variety of pubs and bars to choose from.


Now this wealth of choice is all good and well but where to start? How can you choose the finest establishment? What if the grass is greener in the pub down the road? The only way to be sure is to visit them all. This is great if - like me - you're lucky enough to live near the Queen and can spend the rest of your life sampling each one; but who's looking out for the visitor? The tourist? The time limited ale fan? Well if this is you you've come to the right place.


Within the pages of this site are all the details you need to spend a joyous afternoon & evening in sixteen of Windsor's finest premises. Have a half in each and you've completed the Royal gallon. Have a different beer in each and you've done a perfect Royal gallon.


Generally you can expect to take 9 -10 hours to complete the crawl - with half an hour in each pub and just over an hours walk to get between them. So as long as you set off before 2pm you should make it round before closing time.


So let's crack on. Cheers!



The route

Windsor's best
pub crawl
Royal Gallon Windsor Pub crawl pint icon

A gentle stroll through Windsor town centre enjoying  a swift half in each of the sixteen pubs will leave you happy & warm with the Royal gallon inside you.


This site gives you all the information you need to complete the Royal gallon with the minimum fuss and the maximum fun.

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If you've enjoyed the gallon and want a memento, or if you just love pubs and have great taste, I can heartily recommend an amazing piece of art to commemorate your crawl.

Lazy stuff have created this masterpiece detailing 8 pubs in the town that can form a shortened gallon crawl if you're tight on time.

Get one ordered from the website or pick one up before the Piper art bar in Huttons on Peascod Street.

Poster of pubs in Windsor
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